Boom Shakalakah

My family LOVES Mannatech’s newest product.  It’s become routine in our house to hear: BOOM Shakalakah!  That means someones is tearing into a GlycoBOOM and about to enjoy.  Anytime we know we’ve been exposed to someone’s germs or we’re feeling a bit run down, we open up one of these slimsticks. We love the taste too. […]

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Change your Life with Mannatech

Demra Robbins and Merri-jo Hillaker teamed up to bring you a compelling presentation on the life-changing opportunity that Mannatech has to offer. Health and finances are being revolutionized by this industry. Why Mannatech for your health? Why Mannatech for your retirement plan? Tune in to hear this 2 powerhouses speak truth and hope.  

Mannatech NOW – Opportunity for a Life-change

Twenty Years Strong

Celebrate Mannatech’s 20th Birthday with us!  Check out this new video by Marla’s Dad and Mannatech’s Co-Founder Ray Robbins.   Mannatech: Twenty Years Strong We have much to be proud of… Loyal Wellness Clients Like YOU Fighting Childhood Malnutrition Giving is our core business model (Social Entrepreneurship) Improved Memory, Immune Support, Digestion and More 90+ […]

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What is Ambrotose?

Dr. Steve Nugent talks about the Ambrotose® product — the world’s first glyconutrient dietary supplement. He shares the benefits of this supplement, how it differs from vitamins and minerals, and how it works within our bodies. Warning: This contains some pretty scientific language. Here a few important excerpts from Dr. Steve Nugent’s video above: Dietary […]

Ambrotose benefits